Prostate Rip-Off Leaves Millions of Men in Misery
Men's Health Special Report
Prostate Rip-Off Leaves
Millions of Men in Misery
Countless men are suffering with urinary frequency and urgency, even feeling helpless in the bedroom, because of FAILED prostate supplements.

Learn how a new breakthrough delivers
15 times more powerful prostate and urinary relief
Dear Health Conscious Man,

     If you're tired of waking up two, three, four times a night to "go"...
     ...if you're frustrated because you can't seem to empty your bladder and have to strain when you pee...

     ...or if you're worried that prostate problems might be ruining your sex life...
     ...then I have some GREAT NEWS for you based on the latest findings from some of the world's leading universities and medical centers.

It's a fact. If you lived in Europe and had these problems, you'd likely be given a prescription for the herb saw palmetto.

All throughout Europe, many prescription and OTC remedies for prostate and urination problems contain saw palmetto extract and, in Germany, saw palmetto extract is an approved drug.

Why? Because saw palmetto extract has been shown to be 88% effective in helping to provide urinary and prostate relief. This includes significantly improving urinary flow rates, the amount of urine left in the bladder and prostate size.[1]

Yet you may be wondering...
Why is an herbal remedy like saw palmetto
considered a "drug" in Europe?
If you're struggling with prostate and urination problems, chances are you've heard of saw palmetto and may even have tried it. And like many men, you may think all saw palmetto is alike. WRONG!

As you're about to see, some of the saw palmetto sold in the U.S. is vastly inferior to what European men take — and if you're taking any of these "rip–off" brands, you're going to be sorely disappointed.

Why such a disparity in saw palmetto quality? Let me explain...

Although native to the U.S., saw palmetto first became THE treatment for prostate problems in Europe, where alternative medicine and herbal remedies are big sellers.
What you may not know is that in Europe, herbs like saw palmetto must be registered as "medicinal products"—following a criteria that'svery close to prescription drug pre-approval in the U.S.

A dossier for saw palmetto sold in Europe contains such information as manufacturing and quality controls...the identity of the herb and its constituents...and data on toxicology, safety and effectiveness proven in clinical trials.
By comparison, in the U.S., saw palmetto can be sold based on its chemistry alone—with no pre-approval or clinical studies required to show it works.

This has led to a rash of...
Prostate rip-offs that leave millions of U.S. men in misery
I've uncovered some information about saw palmetto sold in the U.S. that has me steaming mad—and should make your blood boil, too.
My name is Joshua Corn, Editor-in-Chief of the Live in the Now newsletter, one of the nation's fastest growing natural health publications. Our mission is to help you take control of your health and solve your biggest health problems by knowing the truth about natural remedies backed by hard science.
And what I recently found out about some saw palmetto brands you can buy here is a travesty!

Because of the lax regulations for selling saw palmetto in the U.S., some vitamin companies are selling weak, watered-down, adulterated forms of saw palmetto. That's like highway robbery...only you're the victim!
Here are some prime examples of common rip-offs:
Rip-Off #1: Selling saw palmetto berry powder
Lots of dubious companies use unconcentrated saw palmetto berry powder, which has only 6% to 8% fatty acid content — the active component that makes saw palmetto work.
The problem is, for ultimate prostate support and for relieving urination problems, you MUST take a concentrated saw palmetto berry extract with 85% to 95% fatty acid content.

Clinical studies prove the power of saw palmetto berry extract, but only at the full 85% to 95% fatty acid concentration and NOT with saw palmetto berry powder and its much weaker fatty acid content.
Rip-Off #2: Selling foreign-grown saw palmetto

The saw palmetto plant is indigenous to Southern Florida. The plant thrives here and produces the healthiest and most potent berries. Shockingly, some well-known distributors of Chinese ingredients have been selling "saw palmetto." The biggest scam here is that most of this so-called saw palmetto is actually palm oil with no health benefits.
Rip-Off #3: Selling diluted saw palmetto

Some unscrupulous vitamin marketers "thin out" their saw palmetto with less expensive plant oils like olive oil. They list olive oil as an added ingredient, but don't tell you that 160 mg of their saw palmetto includes only 100 mg of saw palmetto extract and 60 mg of olive oil.
Rip-Off #4: Selling saw palmetto harvested out of season

To save money, some companies harvest saw palmetto berries when they are unripe and still green.

Yet the World Health Organization, German Commission E (similar to our Food and Drug Administration) and US Pharmacopeia (USP) monographs all specify that ideal saw palmetto plant material is dried, ripe fruits that are dark brown or black in color. For maximum results, saw palmetto berries must be harvested at the optimal time, not when they are still green.
Rip-Off #5: Selling saw palmetto extracted with high heat and chemical solvents

Still other vitamin companies extract saw palmetto in the fastest, least expensive way—using high heat and/or chemicals. But this may degrade compounds and leave impurities and residues, so you don't get the results you want while risking the danger of ingesting toxins. The best saw palmetto supplements use a low temperature extraction process that ensures potency.
You deserve better, so my search began
for a superior saw palmetto
Because of these five rip-offs, I began searching for a better saw palmetto—one that would match or even exceed the standards set in Europe.

And I found it!

In a moment, I'm going to tell you all about this remarkable discovery, plus share with you success stories of how it's helping men all over the U.S. enjoy great results. Here's a preview of the stories you'll read about in a moment...
"My doctor confirmed that my prostate is normal again"* —Ted R.

"Last night I slept soundly with no trips to the bathroom"* —Terry L.

"After just one day, I'm absolutely amazed by the results"* —Dick K.

"Better urine flow, reduced trips to bathroom, better sex"* —Pete C.

"I tried multiple prostate aids, and this is the best by far"* —Gerald T.
But first, let me tell you why.
You need the RIGHT kind of saw palmetto, in the
RIGHT dosage, to end prostate and urination problems.
And clinical studies prove it.
If there was only one herb, vitamin or mineral you could take for prostate and urination problems, saw palmetto is it.

Based on clinical studies, for best results you need to take 320 mg a day of saw palmetto extract concentrated at 85% to 95% of total fatty acids—and here's proof...
Prostate symptoms and urinary flow dramatically improved!
In a 12-month, randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study, men with prostate problems (avg. age, 53) took 320 mg of saw palmetto extract a day as part of the research.

The results? Remarkable!

One measure of success was the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS). IPSS asks men to indicate the frequency of their urination, emptying of their bladders, nighttime wake-ups to go, pushing and straining when peeing and other prostate/urination problems. Those taking saw palmetto experienced a 50% improvement in symptoms!

What's more, maximum urinary flow increased by 51.4% — meaning it was a lot easier for men taking saw palmetto to empty their bladders.[2]
Frequency of nighttime urination reduced with 73% success rate
In a three-year German study, nearly three out of four men taking 320 mg of saw palmetto reduced nighttime urination frequency and significantly improved urinary flow rates.[3]
Prostate size decreased and urinary flow and sex lives improved!
In another study, men clinically diagnosed with prostate problems and symptoms took 320 mg a day of a standardized saw palmetto extract and were evaluated at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.

At the end of the study, maximum urinary flow improved significantly, prostate size decreased and sexual function significantly improved. To top it off, Quality of Life scores also improved significantly![4]
Urological symptoms improved without prescription drugs
In yet another study, 320 mg of saw palmetto extract produced similar improvements in urinary tract symptoms compared to a best-selling prostate medication—yet with fewer side effects and less cost! This is simply remarkable![5]

No wonder...

Consumer Guide reports: "The extract of saw palmetto appears to be an effective agent in treating urinary problems accompanying [prostate concerns].

And Nutraceutical Magazine adds, "Saw palmetto is the most widely used agent for the treatment of prostate problems."

But now, I have even more exciting news...
Introducing a new, better saw palmetto
that gives you even greater relief!
In my search for science-proven natural remedies, I uncovered a new form of saw palmetto called USPlus® that's the best I've ever seen—one that makes all other saw palmetto obsolete.

Why is it superior, the only saw palmetto extract I recommend and the only one I take? Here are seven reasons...
1) 15 times more powerful prostate and urinary relief: The USPlus® saw palmetto is a fully concentrated saw palmetto extract with 85% to 95% fatty acid content. That's 15 times more fatty acid content than unconcentrated saw palmetto berry powder! It's not diluted like most saw palmetto extracts.
Get 15 times more powerful relief for prostate and urinary problems
2) A full, clinically proven dosage of 320 mg in each softgel: Study after study shows that you must take 320 mg a day of saw palmetto extract to get the prostate and urination relief you want. But beware: Some prostate formulas offer saw palmetto in much smaller dosages — a "fairy dusting" — just so they can put saw palmetto on the label.
3) Organic, U.S. grown saw palmetto: This saw palmetto extract is derived from organic berries of the Serenoa repens palm tree, a plant native only to Southeast Florida. And being grown organically ensures that the berries are free of pesticides, herbicides and other toxins and contain the highest possible levels of active constituents.
4) Harvested for maximum potency: USPlus® saw palmetto berries are harvested and extracted at the optimal time for maximum potency. Compare that to 9 out of 10 saw palmetto extracts that I've reviewed, which are made of unripe berries providing very little relief.
5) Exceeds the requirements for U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP): USP sets the standards for the identity, strength, quality and purity of dietary supplements sold in the U.S. USPlus® is the ONLY patented saw palmetto extract that exceeds USP requirements for fatty acid profile.
6) Patented, Deep Extract® Ultra-High Pressure Extraction: This is a unique, solvent-free extraction technology that uses temperatures substantially lower than chemical solvent extraction. This reduces the risk of degradation of compounds and yields MORE of the micronutrients in saw palmetto for prostate and urination relief.
7) Super-concentrated saw palmetto: USPlus® saw palmetto extract is so highly concentrated it delivers 4 times the beta carotene, 10 times the lutein and 30 times the zeaxanthin compared to cheap saw palmetto products. Each of these nutrients gives you added prostate protection and support, and urination relief.
Best yet, this unique, new, superior form of saw palmetto is now available to you in...
An unmatched, yet affordable prostate and urination solution
In addition to my work with Live in the Now, I run a company called
Stop Aging Now, which has been making premium-grade dietary supplements for almost 20 years.

Working with my Scientific Advisory Board, I've created a natural prostate and urination breakthrough that features the superior USPlus® form of saw palmetto—and much more. It's called OptiProstate XTS®—and it's unlike anything you've seen before.

What makes OptiProstate XTS so exceptional? Each small softgel (you only need to take one a day) includes...
320 mg of USPlus® premium-grade, Florida-grown, organic saw palmetto extract processed with the patented Deep Extract® Ultra-High Pressure method. This gives you more powerful prostate and urinary relief than even nature provides!
75 mg of organic pumpkin seed oil. Pumpkin seed oil amplifies saw palmetto's benefits and provides additional nourishment and powerful antioxidant protection. In the study I mentioned earlier, men who took saw palmetto extract AND pumpkin seed oil saw an impressive 75.3% improvement in their ability to empty their bladders.
Optiprostate XTS
100 mg of omega-9 fatty acids and 48 mg omega-6 fatty acids. Fatty acids are the active component found in saw palmetto that helps relieve prostate and urination problems...and omega-6s and omega-9s provide additional fatty acids for even better relief.
How effective has OptiProstate XTS been? In just the past two years, more than 30 million doses have been taken—and here's what just a few of the men taking it have to say...
No more nighttime wake-ups! Terry Liles of Indiana was plagued with having to get up frequently at night to "go." But after taking OptiProstate XTS, he writes, "Last night I slept soundly with no trips to the bathroom. This product has helped me in those areas so important to a man."*
Prostate normal again! Ted Reid of California suffered prostate problems for two years. Then he discovered OptiProstate XTS. Now, he reports, "After about two months of taking it, I saw marked improvement in my sex life and also was checked again by my doctor, who confirmed my prostate was normal. I'm sold on OptiProstate XTS."*
Better sex, better urine flow! Pete Colby from Ohio LOVES OptiProstate XTS. Why? In his own words, "I have experienced better urine flow...reduced trips to the bathroom...and a better sex life. Thanks, OptiProstate XTS!"*
Fast one day results! Tired of waiting for prostate and urination relief? Then consider what Dick Kasnick of Tennessee writes. "I had prostate issues for over 10 years and nothing I tried worked that well and have caused me many side effects. I'm absolutely amazed with the results of OptiProstate XTS. Within ONE DAY my symptoms abated...I am very happy with no more symptoms!"*
Amazing results! If you're frustrated because other prostate or urination remedies haven't worked, here's what Gerald Thorpe of Arizona writes, "I am 69 years old. During the past couple of years I was finding my sleep too often interrupted during the night with trips to the bathroom. Within a short time after taking OptiProstate XTS, I was amazed that I often sleep through the night without getting up!"*
Results within just three days! Earl Figgeroa of Georgia writes: "I'm only 57 years old but have struggled prostate issues for 10 years. I saw your ad for OptiProstate XTS, and after just THREE days of taking it, this stuff is already working. Since then, I have noticed my virility coming back!"*
And here's the best news yet...
You can now try OptiProstate XTS without risking one cent, thanks to our "Get Relief Fast" money-back guarantee!
Because OptiProstate XTS has been so effective for tens of thousands of men all across America, I want to make it as affordable as possible for you.

Right now, you can try it for as little as 41 cents a day—as low as $12.49 per bottle for a one-month's supply—with FREE Shipping, too!

And your order is Risk Free for 365 days!

Yes, you can try out OptiProstate XTS for a full year and get a FULL refund if you don't get the results you want.

This I will promise you:

You will get relief fast for your prostate and urination problems with OptiProstate XTS—or it's FREE!

In fact, since OptiProstate XTS is quickly absorbed into your bloodstream, you'll likely start noticing improvements almost immediately.

I'm confident that within weeks, OptiProstate XTS will...
Help improve your urination problems so you "go" easily and effortlessly
Ensure you empty your bladder each and every time—no more urgency
Ease your prostate problems with 15 times more powerful relief
Help you sleep all night long with no more nighttime wake-ups
Rejuvenate your sex life
Help you maintain healthy testosterone levels
Nourish and safeguard your prostate while reducing swelling
Why can I stand behind OptiProstate XTS
with such an iron-clad guarantee?
For two reasons.

One: I personally formulated OptiProstate XTS with my Scientific Advisory Board using our nearly 20 years of experience developing natural supplements, so I know how good it is.

Two: I inspect the U.S. manufacturing facility where it is made on a monthly basis to make sure my rigorous quality standards are being met. And I send out each batch to be tested by independent labs to ensure both quality and potency. This is why I personally guarantee the quality and effectiveness of OptiProstate XTS.
Don't suffer one moment longer. Get fast relief, now!
It's a medical fact. Nearly 9 out of 10 men will suffer from prostate and urination problems as they age.

But the real tragedy is that many of these men will assume waking up two, three, even four times a night to "go"...starting and stopping when they pee...the constant urge to empty their bladders...and a disappointing sex life are just a normal part of growing old. NOT TRUE!

Now, you can ease, even end, prostate and urination problems, fast and forever with the scientifically advanced, OptiProstate XTS and its clinically proven ingredients.

It's easy to order—and save big money today.

Lock in the lowest cost—as low as $12.49 for a one-month's supply— and FREE Shipping, too!

Yours for better health the natural way,
Joshua Corn,
President, Stop Aging Now
Editor-in-Chief, Live in the Now

P.S. Remember, your order is backed by a one-year "Get Relief Fast" money-back guarantee, so you won't risk one cent. So order now...
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