Discover the anti-aging trick that can make your skin look younger.Study: This Vitamin Made Skin Look 57.9% Younger
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Discover the anti-aging trick that can make your skin look younger.
Study: This Vitamin Made Skin Look 57.9% Younger
PLUS: If You Are Considering Collagen Injections or Retinol,
Try This 1 Thing First
As much as we may cherish the wisdom that comes with our years, none of us like to notice any visible signs of aging, like wrinkles or dark spots.

The good news is that there's an amazingly simple way to slow and even reverse the aging process of your skin. And it doesn't involve expensive beauty creams, harsh chemicals or potentially risky cosmetic procedures!

Visible Signs of Aging
Best of all, unlike Botox« and collagen injections, which can leave your skin bruised, sore and puffyŚnot to mention prone to itching, abscesses and infectionŚthis trick can be your little secret!

My name is Joshua Corn and I'm the Editor-in-Chief of the Live in the Now newsletter, one of the fastest-growing natural health publications in the nation. My passion for natural health has always driven me to seek the truth and to educate people on alternative solutions that are safe and effective.

Please keep reading if you want to take advantage of the latest findings to get rapid, dramatic results that everyone will noticeŚfrom smoothing fine lines and wrinkles to evening out skin tone and lightening age spots.
Unlocking the Secret to Beautiful Skin
You probably know how important vitamináC is as an essential nutrient. Found in high concentrations in citrus fruits, berries and rose hips (the fruit of the rose plant), it plays a vital role in supporting your immune system and overall health.

However, few people know that vitamináC is also vital to the production of collagen, which is essential for firm, smooth, youthful-looking skin.[1] VitamináC is also a potent antioxidant that has been shown to help rejuvenate aging and sun-damaged skin![2]

Long before scientists examined the effects of vitamináC on the skin, however, Native Americans were using vitamináC-rich rose hips and petals to make a paste for healing and moistening their skin.

And did you know that old-fashioned "cold cream" was originally called "ointment of rose water" because its two main ingredients were rose oil and rose water?

VitamináC skin care has certainly come a long way since then.
Topical VitamináC Shown to Be 20-40áTimes
More Effective at Rejuvenating Your Skin
Your skin is a complex organ that protects your entire body, and its aging not only affects how old you look, but can also expose you to significant health risks such as infection as well as exposure to environmental chemicals and UV radiation.

So it's vitally important to keep your skin healthy! And research has shown that one of the very best ways to do that is with topically applied vitamináC.

Why is it so important to apply vitamináC directly to your skin?

Scientists now know that our levels of vitamináC begin to decline as we age, and it's hard to replenish. VitamináC is water-soluble, which means most of the vitamináC we ingest is rapidly excreted.

And while getting vitamináC from food or supplements is important, it's not an effective means of increasing vitamináC concentration in the skin. Research shows that the most effective method for replenishing vitamináC in the skin is to apply it directly.

In fact, applying vitamináC to the skin has been shown to be 20-40 times more effective than oral ingestion![3]
Joshua Corn is Editor-in-Chief of the Live in the Now newsletter which boasts over 250,000 subscribers and growing! Josh is a health freedom advocate who's been dedicated to promoting health, vitality, longevity and natural living for nearly 20 years. He is the author of two acclaimed natural health books, The Drug-Free Acid Reflux Solution and 4 Weeks to a Better Brain. Soon he will be publishing his third book, Beat the Diabetes Trap. In addition to his work in the natural health field, Josh is an avid outdoorsman, fitness enthusiast, organic gardener and animal lover who enjoys
Two Ways VitamináC Works Wonders on Your Skin
Before you rush out and buy the first topical vitamináC product you can get your hands on, it's important that you understand that the vitamináC in most products is, unfortunately, useless. More on this later.

First, let's discuss the two primary ways vitamináC works to rejuvenate your skin:

1. VitamináC Rapidly Improves Collagen Synthesis

Research has shown that topically applied vitamináC improves collagen synthesis in the skin, helping to keep skin youthful-looking.[4] Collagen is a protein that essentially forms the framework that makes the skin firm and smooth.

As you age, the amount of collagen in your skin declines drastically. And this ongoing process is typically accelerated by factors like exposure to sunlight and environmental pollution, as well as inflammation.

As your body's ability to produce new collagen declines, topical vitamináC has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to boost collagen synthesis and slow its degradation.

2. VitamináC Effectively Fights Free-Radical Damage

VitamináC is best known as a potent antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals in the skin and throughout the body. A free radical is a chemically unstable molecule that can wreak havoc throughout your body.

When free radicals are present in the skin, they can cause the collagen to break down. As the damage accumulates over the years, the skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Antioxidants like vitamináC neutralize free radicals before they have a chance to damage the skin.
The Clinical Proof:
VitamináC Rejuvenates Aging Skin
An impressive array of clinical studies have demonstrated that topical vitamináC can quickly rejuvenate aging skin, making it look smoother, younger and more vibrant, while also protecting against free-radical damage.

One notable placebo-controlled study showed a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles within just 12 weeks![5]

Other studies have shown that vitamináC can reduce damage to the skin's protein fibers,[6] increase the production of collagen[7] and even reverse some age-related structural changes in the skin.[8]

Another 12-week, placebo-controlled study involving participants with moderate sun damage showed a significant improvement in the appearance of fine lines, skin texture and tone.

A photographic assessment revealed a remarkable 57.9% improvement in the vitamináC-treated group compared with the control group.[9]
The Serious Problem with Most Topical VitamináC
While the clinical research on topical vitamináC is certainly impressive, most vitamináC products pose one little-known problem that renders them virtually useless.

You see, the form of vitamináC used in the majority of products, ascorbic acid, is highly unstable, which means that it quickly oxidizes when it's exposed to air. This inevitably happens during the manufacturing and packaging process. And when vitamináC oxidizes, it loses its antioxidant benefits and can actually cause new free radicals to form!

As a result, most topical vitamináC products are at best ineffective and at worst can damage your skin.

tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate
In a significant breakthrough, scientists have now solved this problem by developing a natural, stabilized form of vitamináC (known as tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate).

And, unlike ascorbic acid, this cutting-edge stabilized vitamináC is also lipid-soluble, which means it has the unique ability to thoroughly and rapidly penetrate your skin to fight free radicals on a deep cellular level.

So not only is it resistant to oxidation, research has shown that stabilized vitamináC is significantly more absorbable and effective at fighting free-radical damage, boosting healthy collagen production and reducing wrinkle depth than ascorbic acid.[10]
The Only Topical VitamináC Product You Should Consider
When I first learned about the stabilized vitamináC, I was excited to recommend it to my readers, friends and family members. However, it was so cutting edge that there just weren't many products out there formulated with itŚand the ones I did find were absurdly expensive.

In addition to my work with Live in the Now, I also run Stop Aging Now, a company that has been making premium-grade natural health products for over 20 years, including a line of 100% natural skin care products called PurGevity«.

I immediately went to work with my Scientific Advisory Board to create an advanced yet affordable stabilized vitamináC skin care product as a way of fighting back against all the ineffective vitamináC products on the market. Not only are most made with the inferior ascorbic acid form of vitamináC that is basically useless, but most are also laden with chemicals that cause more harm than good.

My cutting-edge new formula is called Pure-C« Radiant Skin Serum. Itĺs extremely affordable (as low as $14.95 per bottle), 100% natural and is guaranteed to provide rapid, dramatic results for youthful-looking skin.
An Advanced VitamináC Formula for Superior Skin Care
I'm excited to introduce Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum as the newest addition to our PurGevity line of science-based, all-natural skin care products.

I encourage you to shop around and do your own research, but here's why I think you'll find Pure-C to be the very best product on the market:
Ľ Formulated with stabilized vitamináC: If you want real results that are both fast acting and long lasting, then you need a formula that contains this cutting-edge form of vitamináC. Pure-C is one of the few products on the market that does!
Ľ Rapid, long-lasting results: You'll notice more radiant skin almost immediately, with results that get better over time! Pure-Cĺs cutting-edge formula provides powerful support for increased collagen production, antioxidant protection and smooth, firm, even-toned, healthy skin.
Ľ Enhanced with hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring polysaccharide provides moisture, firmness and suppleness. As you age, your skin's natural levels of hyaluronic acid decline, and applying it to your skin's surface results in softer, smoother, more hydrated skin.
Ľ It gently accelerates skin cell renewal with natural botanicals. Pure-C also contains a blend of botanical extracts and oils that help to gently exfoliate the skin without irritating it. These botanical ingredients also provide additional phytonutrient benefits.
Ľ It contains only pure, natural ingredients! Unlike most highly advertised creams and serums, which are loaded with chemicals and harsh ingredients, Pure-C contains only pure, natural ingredientsŚno artificial fragrances, parabens, phthalates or other toxic chemicals.
Pur Gevity Pure-C
Ľ Pure-C is made in Stop Aging Now's own FDA-inspected facility located in Florida for quality you can trust, and it comes with an "any reason" 365-day guarantee. That's right, try it for up to one year, and return it for a full refund if you don't like it.
Ľ Pure-C is affordable! You can get Pure-C for as low as $14.95 per bottle, which is the same or even less than many discount, low-quality products. Plus, it ships to you for free!
If You Have Been Searching for a Natural Skin Cream
That Really Works, This Could Be You!
I get letters every day about the amazing benefits of Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum. Here are just a few of my favorites:
A Product That Actually Does What It Claims.
"I just finished my first bottle of Pure-C Serum. It is so refreshing to find a product that actually does what it claims. My skin feels smoother; the uneven pigmentation is so much better and there is a glow to my skin."*
- Loreen Whitton, Bluffton, SC
My Skin Was Smoother with Fewer Lines...
"I live in a dry climate and spend lots of time outside. Pure-C is perfect for me. It hydrates without being sticky or irritating. My dark circles and wrinkles have lessened. You have become my go-to company for skin care!"*
- Katie Geist from Florissant, CO
I Never Want to Run Out of Pure-C.
"My skin is much smoother, my lines are almost gone and the wrinkles less noticeable. I had previously tried more expensive products with zero results. I am ordering for 6 months now because I never want to run out of Pure-C."*
- Lucie Nehme, Kerhonkson, NY
The Results Have Been Fantastic!
"I use Pure-C Serum along with several more of your skin products, and the results have been fantastic! Since I started using it, I've received numerous compliments. My skin tone seems brighter and more, well, 'radiant.'"*
- Russell Richardson, Silver Spring, MD
I Noticed Softer, Smoother, More Hydrated Skin.
"I love the new Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum. After using it faithfully for just over a week, I have already noticed softer, smoother, more hydrated skin. My skin feels tighter and has a more radiant look. This is a wonderful product."*
- E. Deak, Wake Forest, NC
I Am Seeing a Reduction of Discoloration.
"After just 6 weeks of using Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum, I am seeing a reduction of the discoloration I had just under my skin and in the fine lines under my eyes and around my mouth. I will certainly continue to use it!"*
- Terri Neal, Dalton, GA
Our 100% Money-Back Quality Guarantee
As with all of our PurGevity skin care products, I personally guarantee the quality of Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum. I use it every day. So do my wife, friends and many of my colleagues.

I also personally inspect the manufacturing facility where Pure-C is made on a regular basis to make sure my rigorous quality standards are being met, so I feel comfortable saying I stand by this product 100%.

If you don't like it, I will gladly give you a 100% refund up to one full year after purchase. That way, you risk nothing.
Order Now and See Results Within Days!
The great news about Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum is that it is quickly absorbed into your skin, and you'll start noticing the effects almost immediately.

After cleansing, simply apply a few drops of Pure-C to your face and neck and gently smooth over your skin before applying your moisturizer.

Within days, you'll begin to notice dramatic improvements in the radiance and overall tone of your skin. The potent yet gentle ingredients found in Pure-C will spring into action to repair damaged cells, even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of age spots.

Within Days You'll Notice:
Smoother, firmer, more supple skin
Fewer fine lines and wrinkles
More even color and skin tone
A brighter, more radiant complexion
Reduced dark spots or discolorations
Better overall skin health
And the results get better and better with time!

Plus, the fact that the ingredients found in Pure-C are all natural means that you're not simply getting short-term benefits at the risk of long-term damage, which is the case with so many skin products.

Pure-C will provide instant results while enhancing the long-term health of your skin.

Whether you're concerned about protecting your skin, aging well or simply looking more youthful, Pure-C is a smart investment. I hope you decide to give it a try!
Get Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum For As Low As $14.95 Per
Bottle + Free Shipping! ORDER NOW
To Your Good Health,
Joshua Corn
President, Stop Aging Now
Editor-in-Chief, Live in the Now

P.S. I promise that Pure-C Radiant Skin Serum will improve the texture and appearance of your skin and will have a positive impact on your overall skin health. If it doesn't work for youŚit's free! Remember, it's not available in stores and ships to you at no cost. Hurry to take advantage of this special offer.
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