Is Turmeric the Natural Back Pain Relief Remedy of the Century?
Is Turmeric the Natural Back Pain
Remedy of the Century?
The Promise: A Healthy, Pain-Free Back PLUS Flexible Joints, Restored Energy and Renewed Mental Vigor—Does It Deliver?
Turmeric: Doctors Say This Spice Is a Brain Health Miracle
If back pain is keeping you from living life to the fullest, you're certainly not alone.

Millions of Americans suffer from back pain due to aging, injury, disc problems and other causes, and if you're among them, you know how difficult it is to live with—and how challenging and risky getting relief can be.

Perhaps you have tried the medications your doctor recommends, chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, physical therapy or even surgery to ease the pain. Today, we're here to tell you that there is an effective, safe and natural way to get the relief you're seeking.*

You can benefit from what we've learned about turmeric, the natural inflammation-fighting pain relief remedy that is completely changing the rules of back pain management.[1]

You see, hidden deep in the turmeric plant's bright-yellow roots is an extraordinarily powerful compound called curcumin that has the unique ability to block an enzyme that causes inflammation in your back and throughout your entire body—inflammation that can trigger swelling, pain and stiffness.[2,3]

In fact, curcumin's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits are so powerful that some are calling it the "natural back pain remedy of the century."[4]
When It Comes to Inflammation...
Back Pain Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg
There is no question that inflammation plays a major role in back pain. In fact, many experts now believe "silent inflammation" is the root cause of many of the common complaints of aging, from everyday aches and pains to low energy levels, diminished brain and heart function, wrinkles and more.

In short, silent inflammation can make you old before your time.

Please keep reading, because you'll learn why taking the right turmeric supplement can relieve your back pain quickly, naturally and safely while improving your overall health.*
The #1 Way to Protect Your Back—and Your Health
Taking steps to control inflammation could be the single most important thing you can do to protect your back, joints and overall health—at any age.

And there is perhaps no nutrient on earth more effective than curcumin at promoting a healthy inflammatory response throughout your entire body. It has been shown in numerous studies to tame pain and inflammation, support brain and cardiovascular health, improve mood balance, boost immune system health and much more.[5-9]

The list of remarkable health benefits just goes on and on.*

You see, while inflammation itself is a normal, short-term response to injury, it's a problem when it becomes chronic. Harmful inflammation triggers include food allergens, toxins, stress, lack of sleep and even the use of some pharmaceutical drugs, all of which generate inflammatory free radicals.

And since you are likely exposed to these triggers on a daily basis, your inflammatory response can stay turned on indefinitely, which causes significant harm.

Fortunately, curcumin can help neutralize the harmful effects of the free radicals that can cause chronic inflammation.* But that's not all it can do!
The Results Are In: Curcumin Really Can Soothe Your Aching Back, Joints and Muscles!
The truth is that back pain, aching joints, sore muscles and loss of mobility are not an inevitable part of aging—despite what you may have been led to believe. Mainstream medicine just doesn't have any good, long-term solutions for the systemic inflammation that can create heightened pain sensitivity in the body.

Whether your back, joints or muscles ache constantly or only feel sore and stiff when you move, inflammation is almost certainly a root cause.[10]

The good news is that gold-standard clinical studies are showing that curcumin is perhaps the most effective natural substance on earth at inhibiting COX-2, an enzyme that is responsible for sparking your body's inflammatory response.[2,5]

In a landmark 2014 study, curcumin was shown to relieve pain as effectively as a popular pain reliever while reducing stiffness and improving overall joint function—all without side effects.[9]

In another recent study, those who added curcumin to their daily treatment plan reported reduced pain and increased mobility, whereas the group that did not receive curcumin had no significant improvements.[7]

Other key studies have found that curcumin blocks inflammatory pathways and reduces levels of the pro-inflammatory cytokines that play a role in back pain,[11] effectively preventing the launch of a protein that triggers swelling and pain.[8]
4 More Surprising Ways Curcumin Fights Inflammation
As we've mentioned, curcumin is perhaps the most powerful natural inflammation fighter on the planet.

And as scientists start to understand the human body better, they are discovering that in addition to providing extraordinary relief from back pain and everyday joint and muscle aches, there are many more amazing ways curcumin can benefit your entire body from head to toe.*
1. Memory Impairment: When the brain is inflamed, memory formation and recall both suffer.[12] And research has shown that curcumin's anti-inflammatory effects can help provide powerful cognitive health benefits, boost short-term memory and even help restore youthful brain function.[13-15]
2. Mood Swings: While neurotransmitter imbalances may be the primary cause of mood issues, inflammation in the brain may also play a role.[16] A 2014 study showed that curcumin is as effective as a popular mainstream remedy for mood support, but without dangerous side effects.[17]
3. Heart Issues: C-reactive protein (CRP) is a key marker of inflammation that has been linked to the risk of heart problems. A recent meta-analysis showed that curcumin lowers levels of CRP.[18] Other research shows it can also help prevent clot formation and balance cholesterol.[19]
4. Digestive Problems: Inflammation of the digestive tract is thought to be a major contributor to a wide range of digestive complaints. Research shows that curcumin's anti-inflammatory benefits may aid in promoting healthy digestive function and reducing digestive discomfort.[20]
So What Can't Curcumin Do?
With all of these amazing benefits, you might think that there's nothing curcumin can't do. And while it comes close to being a "perfect" remedy for both pain and inflammation, there's one important area in which it falls short.

As critical as controlling inflammation is, it's important to understand that your body is an incredibly complex machine. And like any machine, it requires energy—LOTS of it.

And can you guess what parts require the greatest amounts? Your muscles—especially your heart—and your brain, the optimal functioning of which are vital to aging well and feeling your best.

Curcumin doesn't do much to support your body's critical energy-producing processes, and this is where the powerful antioxidant CoQ10 comes in.

Best known for its remarkable heart health benefits, CoQ10 is found inside the mitochondria of every cell in your body where it plays a critical role in producing energy. All of your major organs rely on it, and so do your muscles. In fact, your muscles can't properly function without it.

The fibers that make up your muscles continuously break down and rebuild in order to maintain their strength and integrity. Deep inside these fibers, CoQ10 delivers energy to cells involved in this process while fighting off damaging free radicals.

But when your body doesn't have enough CoQ10, the whole process goes awry, and the result is soreness, stiffness and weakness in your muscles, joints and back.*

If you aren't taking a CoQ10 supplement, chances are you're already starting to feel the effects of a slow-down in cellular energy production. This is because as we age, our body's natural ability to produce CoQ10 declines. By age 70, your natural CoQ10 levels may be 50% lower than they were when you were a young adult! [21]

Statins and other medications can further accelerate CoQ10 loss—muscle pain is a common side effect of taking statins.[22]

Even scarier, CoQ10 deficiency can lead to serious cardiovascular issues, according to Mayo Clinic experts.[23] That's not surprising, since CoQ10 is highly concentrated in your heart. Scientists have also discovered that a CoQ10 deficiency is common in people with memory loss and believe a link may exist.[24]

CoQ10 users frequently report noticeable improvements in joint and muscle function, as well as increases in energy, mental clarity, vitality and stamina, which makes it a great complement to curcumin.*
The Problem with Most Curcumin Supplements
Virtually everyone can benefit from taking the right curcumin supplement, but there's one big problem: Curcumin is very difficult to absorb, so you have to take enough of it in the right formulation to reap its full pain relief and numerous other benefits.

If you don't pick the right supplement, you'll end up wasting your money, not to mention miss out on an opportunity to dramatically improve your health.

Here's a quick "cheat sheet" so you know what to look for when shopping:
1. Potency: Look for a turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Some formulas are standardized only to 50%, which is a watered-down level that cheats you of the key curcuminoids shown to have the most beneficial inflammation-fighting effects.*
2. Dosage: You need a serving size of 1,000 mg daily. Some brands think a mere 50 mg is enough, but you're throwing your money away for such pixie-dust levels. That's only 5% of the levels you need for the pain relief, brain, cardiovascular and overall health benefits you want.
3. Absorption: The best supplements include 10 mg of a black pepper extract called piperine, which has been shown to increase absorption by up to 2,000%![25] This is an excellent solution to the absorption problems that curcumin is widely known to have.
4. CoQ10: Very few curcumin supplements contain CoQ10, and this is a critical miss. Without it, you can take curcumin, yet still not feel your best due to lingering muscle soreness and weakness. Insist that the supplement you take has at least 100 mg of pure CoQ10.
5. Price: Some people mistakenly believe if you pay more, you get better quality. Our advice is that you don't need to pay more than $35 for a one-month supply. Many companies are taking advantage of the hype surrounding curcumin and charging more than double that amount.
Follow these guidelines and curcumin, along with CoQ10, will help support your back, joints, muscles, brain, heart and entire body for a lifetime of health and vitality.
A Simple Solution That Makes It Easy to Start
Reaping the Pain Relief Benefits of Curcumin Right Now
Finding a high quality curcumin supplement with all “the right stuff,” including CoQ10, at an affordable price can be quite a challenge. And what a shame, since that means a simple, natural solution is out of reach for many people.

That’s why we worked with our team of scientific advisors and expert formulators at Stop Aging Now to create CUR-Q10® ULTRA.

Drawing on our more than 20 years of experience making premium-quality supplements, we created a powerful, all-in-one curcumin formula that contains research-based doses of everything you need, including CoQ10, to give you unbeatable support for your heart, brain, joints and every cell in your body.*

In every daily serving of CUR-Q10 ULTRA, you get:
1,000 mg of Turmeric Standardized to 95% Active Curcuminoids: This premium-quality turmeric delivers more than 25 times the pain relief payload of some highly advertised brands that provide only 50 mg. You get more in two servings of CUR-Q10 ULTRA than you'd get from their entire 30-count bottle.
200 mg of Trans-Form CoQ10: This extra-strength dose is bioidentical to the CoQ10 that is produced naturally within your own body, so it is more readily absorbed than the cheaper synthetic forms of CoQ10 you find in most formulas.
10 mg of BioPerine® Black Pepper Extract: BioPerine® is standardized to contain 95% piperine and is the only brand of black pepper extract that has been shown in research to enhance curcumin absorption by up to 2,000% and CoQ10 absorption by up to 30%.[25]
Convenience That Can't Be Beat: Just two small veggie capsules per day give you everything you need for fast-acting and long-lasting results. It takes just a few seconds, and you'll feel better than you ever thought possible.*
Quality You Can Trust: It's made in a state-of-the-art, FDA-inspected facility located in the U.S. Unlike some brands whose quality is questionable, this is a product whose purity you can trust!
Affordable, Risk Free and Ships for Free: CUR-Q10 ULTRA is priced as low as $24.95 per bottle, which is half the price of similar formulas. It's not available in stores but it ships to you for free and comes with an amazing guarantee! If you're not satisfied for any reason, you can receive a full refund within one year of purchase.
Our CUR-Q10 ULTRA Customers Say It Best...
So how well does CUR-Q10 ULTRA work?

Here are just a few of the comments we recently received from customers who had back and joint pain, along with other health problems they wanted to resolve the natural way, without side effects or complications.
Superb results with relief of my lower back discomfort!
"I've had superb results with CUR-Q10 ULTRA, especially with relief from a lifetime of lower back discomfort! I would definitely rate it 5 stars!"*
—Syd Rogers from South Fallsburg, NY
Greatly reduces the aches and pains!
"I'm a 58-year-old long-distance runner. I train hard and demand a lot from my body. I take CUR-Q10 ULTRA daily, because it supports optimal cardiovascular health, energy and stamina, and greatly reduces the aches and pains in my joints and muscles."*
—Lynda Webber from Chattanooga, TN
I can't imagine living without it!
"I love CUR-Q10 ULTRA and can't imagine ever stopping my daily dose. Shortly after I started taking it, I noticed that my morning achy fingers were no longer sore. As an added bonus my jaw discomfort has significantly reduced."*
—Sandi Hughes from Santa Ana, CA
I'm able to be active with my grandkids!
"CUR-Q10 ULTRA combines both curcumin and CoQ10, two of my favorites for staying mentally and physically fit and active. At 60 I'm able to be active with my grandkids whether running in the yard or white water rafting."*
—Nancy Payne from Beckley, WV
My joint aches and pains are almost completely gone!
"I'm 64 years old. My energy was gone and my joints were so stiff I could barely walk. I started using CUR-Q10 ULTRA and now my joint aches and pains are almost completely gone to the point that I've started riding my bike again."*
—Ken Cordova from Somerset, CA
My stiffness is completely resolved!
"CUR-Q10 ULTRA is my favorite supplement. At 45, I started experiencing stiffness in my hands. My doctor told me to just deal with it. After taking this product for a couple of months, my stiffness is now completely resolved."*
—Kristi Miller from Livermore, CA
CUR-Q10 ULTRA is a great product!
"I have definitely noticed that my knees are less achy. And at age 52, I have the energy and stamina to do my weight lifting at the gym."*
—Kevin Lorenzen from Stem, NC
See for Yourself Risk Free with Our
365-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Hundreds of studies have documented the unbelievable pain relief and numerous other health benefits of curcumin, as well as CoQ10. Now see how this dynamic duo can help you feel good, enjoy being active and sleep well again with CUR-Q10 ULTRA.

You'll feel the benefits faster than you ever thought possible because it:
Provides powerful relief from back pain and stiffness
Reduces everyday aches and pains in your joints and muscles
Increases flexibility and mobility in your joints
Promotes a healthy inflammatory response body-wide
Boosts physical and mental energy
Supports mental clarity and memory retention
Promotes optimal long-term brain health
Improves your cardiovascular function
Reduces the visible signs of aging
Promotes an overall sense of vitality
Get CUR-Q10 ULTRA For As Low As $24.95 Per Bottle PLUS Free Shipping
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