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Looking for the Best Multivitamin for Optimal Health and Maximum Longevity?

The most effective
2-a-day on the market. Contains 25 essential ingredients.
A blend of 27 essential
vitamins, minerals and
antioxidants for
superior health.
All 27 ingredients of our
ORIGINAL formula plus
ginkgo for memory and
vision support.
Our most powerful formula! 31 ingredients including resveratrol, green foods and more!

“My cognitive abilities significantly improved.*”
Betty G. from Westminster, MD

“Multi Nutrient GOLD is so much more than just a multivitamin.*”
John C. from Pleasant Hill, CA


Comprehensive, Science
Based Formulations

Our ultra-premium, high potency multivitamins are formulated based on the latest research on nutrition and disease-prevention to help you achieve optimal health.
Equals Up to 15 Servings of Fruits and Vegetables
Our multivitamin formulas are packed with super antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, CoQ10 and Green Tea Extract to provide powerful protection from free radicals.
Supports Optimal Health, Energy and Immunity
Revitalize and rejuvenate your entire body by getting the nutritional support you need for optimal energy levels, a strong immune system and overall superior health.
Made to Pharmaceutical Grade Standards in the USA
All of our multivitamins are manufactured in state-of-the art FDA inspected facilities to meet the stringent standards of US Pharmacopeia (USP) for purity and effectiveness.


Do You Need a Multivitamin? The Answer is YES!

The latest statistics show that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, and most are deficient in several essential vitamins and minerals, putting them at increased risk for chronic disease and accelerated aging. Even if you eat a well-rounded diet, you cannot be assured you are getting the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need for optimal health. A recent USDA study showed that on average, the fresh produce found in supermarkets today is 40% lower in nutrients than it was just 50 years ago as a result of over-farming and genetically modified foods.

You Deserve The Best Multivitamin on the Market

Taking a multivitamin is a proven strategy for filling in the gaps in your diet and ensuring that you live a long, healthy life. In fact, a recent NIH study showed that people who take multivitamins live an average of 10 years longer than those who don’t! But not just any old multivitamin will do. You need the best multivitamin to make sure you are getting balanced and optimized levels of the nutrients you need for disease-prevention, optimal wellness and longevity. Our ultra-premium, high potency Multi Nutrient Formulas™ are widely considered the best multivitamins on the market. They support complete nutritional balance and provide potent, broad-spectrum protection against free radicals with powerful, clinical research-backed doses of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

What Makes Our Multi Nutrient Formulas America's Best Multivitamins?

Whether you take our BASIC, ORIGINAL, PLUS or GOLD formula, you can be assured that you are taking one the best multivitamins in the world. Our unique Multi Nutrient Formulas are made with premium grade ingredients, including many that you won't find in other multivitamins. And our formulas feature the exact dosages shown in clinical research to most effectively combat aging, support optimal immune function, boost energy, enhance mental acuity and balance out nutritional deficiencies in your diet.


“An insurance policy!”
Here we are at 86 and 80. We lead an active life and practice moderation in food, drink and dark chocolate!  We consider the [Stop Aging Now] multinutrient formula that we've taken for 11 years to be complementary to all that and even a kind of insurance policy.
Bob and Doris L. from Denver, CO
“I am 94 years old and do not look my age!”
I am used to people in doctors offices asking why I do not look my age, I am 94 years old. Three employees at the office came to me asked me how do I look so young? I told them all about "Stop Aging Now" and the Mulit Nutrient Cholesterol Support, Osteo GC and the Brain Energizer,  one of them left the room and came back with her hands in the air and said "I found it on computer" - I really think your capsules have done a lot for me.  I have all of Jean Carpers books too.  I wish everyone would use the Stop Aging Now. I currently take Brain Energizer, Multi Nutrient ORIGINAL and Osteo-GC.
Alys M. from Metropolis, IL
“After the first week, I felt like a new person!”
I was having the worst time pulling myself out of bed in the mornings. I had NO energy and instantly fell right back to sleep, despite my desire to get up.  Although I am a nurse, I still became more and more confused about all the different vitamins on those crazy drugstore shelves. Hearing about Stop Aging Now actually made sense to me,and after the first week of simply trying them, I felt like a new person!!  I could actually wake up WITHOUT the need of an alarm clock. I was so surprised to see just how much energy I had from being on these vitamins.
Missy M. from Newark, OH
“The only time I get colds is when I've been off Stop Aging Now's Formula.”
I've been taking the Multi-Nutrient Original Formula on and off for several years. I've tried store brands in between. Funny, it seems the only time I succumb to colds is when I've been off my Stop Aging Now Formula and on cheaper store brands. Thanks for the great products.
Emeric M. from Alexandria, KY
“I love the Multivitamins!”
I love the Multi Nutrient Original vitamins! They are super easy to take and keep me feeling vigorous and fit. I accidentally ran out of them for a couple of weeks and I could really tell the difference—I won’t let that happen again. My doctor tells me my blood pressure and good cholesterol count is so good that’s its almost ridiculous—in a good way! I attribute it all to my daily vitamins. I also am able to donate blood every eight weeks because of taking your iron pills, my next donation will be my 101st! Thank you for your wonderful products.
Donna B. from Lancaster, OH
“Since I started your multivitamins I have not had one problem.”
I have always had a hard time having a regular bowel movement. Since I started your multivitamins I have not had one problem. If I happen to miss ONE dose of your vitamins, I can really tell. I don't know what the magic ingredient is, but I will always take your multivitamin.
Peggy H. from Newnan, GA
“The doc says I am in perfect condition.”
I have been using Stop Aging Now's Multi Nutrient GOLD multivitamin for more years than I can remember. Has it helped? All I can tell you is that I am 65 years old and the doc says I am in perfect condition. I only use Stop Aging Now products and no prescription drugs of any kind. Is it the vitamins? Can't say for sure, but I wouldn't gamble by not taking them. Proof in this case is in the physical! Thanks Stop Aging Now!
Waldemar B. from Portland, CT
“I look like I'm in my 50s rather than my 70s!”
I have been using Stop Aging Now Multi-Nutrient Formula for about 8 years now and am very satisfied. My five children and some of my friends tell me I look like I'm in my 50s rather than my 70s. I haven't had a cold in 4 or 5 years, and I attribute this to the Stop Aging Now formula...I'm quite active for an almost 73-year old. I especially enjoy trekking and hiking...I'll keep on taking Stop Aging now vitamins for continued good health.  
Marjorie M. from Brockton, MA
“I am 81 and have not had a cold or illness...”
I am 81 and have not had a cold or illness in the 10 years that I have been on your vitamins.
Marjorie A. from Vancouver, WA
“I didn't have to take prescription meds!”
Three years ago I had a bone scan and scored in the gray area. My doctor wanted to give me prescription meds but I wanted to try natural supplements. I started taking your multi-nutrient formula which has 800 mg of calcium and 1000 IU of vitamin D3, both of which are good for bones. The next year my bone scan was better and I didn't have to take prescription meds. I continue to keep up with the multi-nutrient formula.
Dianne G. from Shorwood, IL
“"So you are not 30?"”
I was shopping recently with a group of friends, including one who was new to the group. I was telling the women that I believe you are as old as you feel and I feel like I am still 30 years old. My new friend looked at me somewhat confused and said to me,  "So you are not 30?"  She was surprised to learn that I am 54 years young! I exercise, eat right and have been taking your vitamins for many years. I want to thank you for the part they have played in helping me stay healthy and young at heart!
Cheryl A. from Auburndale, FL
“Thank you Stop Aging Now for your quality products.”
I have been using Stop Aging Now Multi Vitamins for probably a year or more and seem to never get sick. I also have used organic Red Yeast Rice Extract and so far have seen good results and will continue to take it. I have also been using the PurBiotic which does not bother my stomach like the other brands used to. My weight gain over the Christmas holiday gave me a good reason to try the Synergy Slim PLUS which actually worked great and I will always keep some on hand for future need if necessary. Thank you Stop Aging Now for your quality products.
Fran S. from Chapel Hill, NC
“Thanks for making such high quality products.”
I like using the OceanPur Krill oil, it has no after taste and the small softgels are easy to swallow. I use several Stop Aging Now products including Red-Q 10, Curcumin2K, Multi Nutrient Gold, and Cinnapure. I am 61 and take no prescription drugs. Thanks for making such high quality products.
Greg G. from Robins, IA
“Thank you for your very fine products!”
Thank you so very much for your fine products. I have enjoyed using the Multi Nutrient Plus Formula for a number of years. I was so pleased with it that I began using the Omega-T Fish Oil. It is a great product. There is no taste or after-taste [which indicates] that the fish oil is fresh and of good quality. Also appreciated is the Stop Aging Now newsletter that is sent. It is full of information and I read it from cover to cover. Thank you so much.
Lisa M. from Stone Mountain, GA
“Thank you for providing this exceptional formula!”
I have been taking the Stop Aging Now formula for over six years, and in that time I have had only one cold. People comment that I do not look or sound like a seventy year old man. I will never know how many other health problems have been avoided by taking this fine product, and I plan on sticking with it for as long as I am allowed to be around.
Ted S. from Boliver, MO