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Stop Aging Now supplements are manufactured to pharmaceutical grade standards, using the highest quality ingredients in a brand new state-of-the-art FDA-inspected facility that produces not only nutritional supplements, but also over-the-counter drugs. This means the manufacturing process is held to much higher standards than it often is for labs that make only dietary supplements. Our entire manufacturing process is precisely monitored by highly trained scientists and technicians so that the finished product is of equal quality to that of pharmaceutical drugs.

Testing and quality control is executed at every phase of manufacturing and we also hire independent testing labs to verify these inspections. Stop Aging Now supplements are manufactured to meet the stringent standards of US Pharmacopeia (USP) for quality, purity, potency and disintegration.

  • The essence of our purity, potency and quality begins with the raw ingredients that make up Stop Aging Now supplements.
  • Upon arrival at our manufacturing facility, each ingredient is immediately inspected and tested for purity.
  • Samples of each ingredient are sealed and sent to the laboratory for additional evaluation, testing and approval.
  • Only after passing a rigorous testing and approval process conducted by laboratory technicians and scientists is any given batch of raw materials approved for the manufacturing phase.
Ingredients are stored in a climate- and humidity-controlled warehouse.
All ingredients are immediately inspected in a sealed chamber upon arrival.
Samples of each ingredient are sent up to the lab for additional testing.
  • Using state-of-the-art machinery operated by highly trained technicians, the ingredients for each batch of supplements are measured for the appropriate content and dosages.
  • The next set of technicians use precision calibrated machinery to carefully mix all of the ingredients to an unparalleled level of consistency.
  • The final phase of manufacturing turns the large batches into individual capsules or tablets. Technicians running sophisticated computers and machinery make sure that each capsule and tablet contains the proper dosage and is made to our exact specifications.
Ingredients for each batch of supplements are measured out by highly trained technicians.
Ingredients are mixed together using a high-tech process that ensures consistency.
A computer controlled processing system then creates the individual capsules or tablets.
  • A full-time employee is charged with the single mission of making sure that each batch is matched with the appropriate bottle label. This ensures that the Supplement Facts label on each bottle perfectly matches its content.
  • The assembly line is manned by a team of technicians monitoring every phase of packaging including making sure the correct amount of pills ends up in each bottle, the correct label is applied and the safety seal is attached, as well as over a dozen additional checks.
  • The final product is packaged and sealed in another climate controlled warehouse and is prepared for final distribution.
Transfer of final product to the packaging phase is carefully coordinated to ensure total quality and accuracy.
The assembly line is managed by highly skilled technicians who monitor every phase of production.
State-of-the-art computerized equipment monitor the quality of all phases of production.
  • All of our supplements are manufactured in highly controlled lots. Before any lot is shipped out, samples are sent back to our laboratory where scientists test it again to make sure it has been manufactured to our exact specifications and guidelines.
  • State-of-the-art computerized equipment monitor the quality of all phases of production.
  • Finally, as a final and absolute quality assurance, Stop Aging Now randomly tests its supplements using nationally recognized laboratories that are independent of our manufacturing facility to verify that the contents listed on the bottle 100% match the contents within the supplements.
After production, samples of each lot are sent back to the lab for additional testing.
Any given lot can be completely rejected if stringent quality guidelines are not met.
A state-of-the-art compression chamber allows us to test the stability of every batch of products.