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SkinGevity® Healthy and Vibrant Skin Formula

SkinGevity® Healthy and Vibrant Skin Formula

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SkinGevity® is an innovative anti-aging formula that features a unique blend of natural ingredients designed to help restore your skin’s moisture levels from within, while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. It has been formulated to be both fast-acting and long-lasting. Other unique benefits include increased production of a super-antioxidant called SOD, which enhances your body's ability to fight the free radicals that age your skin. It also provides advanced support for healthy hair and nails.

Product Highlights

Sod B Extramel
  • Formulated to nourish and protect skin from within with powerful doses of advanced Ceramosides™ wheat seed extract, patented Extramel® melon extract, biotin and vitamin C
  • Supports optimal skin health and elasticity and helps to visibly reduce the appearance of the signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, sagging, dryness and age spots 
  • Fights free radical damage to the skin and throughout the body while boosting the body's natural production of the powerful antioxidant SOD (superoxide dismutase)
  • Holistically complements an external anti-aging skin care regimen by improving cellular health for firmer, smoother, brighter skin and a truly healthy and vibrant glow
  • Also provides advanced support for healthy hair and nails and provides body-wide antioxidant benefits for the heart, brain, eyes, joints and muscles 
  • Made in an FDA inspected facility to meet the stringent standards of US Pharmacopeia (USP) for quality, purity, potency and disintegration

Product Overview

Why do some people seem to "age well" while others experience fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin and dryness? Cutting-edge research has identified specific nutritional factors that significantly affect how your skin's appearance changes with age. By supporting your skin internally with the right nutrients, you can help keep your skin looking healthy, smooth and radiant as you age. And we've combined the best-of-the-best of these researched skin health nutrients into a breakthrough new formula called SkinGevity®!

SkinGevity® has been scientifically formulated to provide the nutritional building blocks required to restore the skin’s natural lipid levels and to increase production of the powerful antioxidant SOD (superoxide dismutase) in the body, which significantly boosts your body's ability to fight the free radicals that age your skin. Along with the essential B vitamin biotin and non-GMO vitamin C, this formula works from the inside out to restore the skin's moisture and healthy, youthful glow. It has been formulated to be both fast-acting and long-lasting

Ceramosides™: Restoring Your Skin's Natural Moisture 

Your skin's outer layer, or epidermis, is made up of cells that look like bricks when magnified. When we're young, natural lipids called ceramides act like the cement holding the bricks together. But as we age, we start to lose ceramides and as a result, water is lost through the epidermis and the skin loses moisture and elasticity. As a result, your skin starts to develop fine lines and wrinkles.

Ceramosides™ is a highly concentrated source of ceramides derived from wheat that helps to rapidly restore the skin's natural lipid content. This all natural extract is non-GMO and vegan. Ceramosides™ brings new ceramides to the skin via the blood stream and helps restore the water barrier while replenishing moisture for more hydrated, youthful looking skin. 

In two recent clinical studies, 80% of subjects saw improvements in overall skin appearance by the end of the study. And it didn't take long for the results to start showing up! After just 15 days, over 23% of subjects saw improvements in skin moisture levels, 15% saw improvements in elasticity and 8% saw visible reductions in wrinkles.

Extramel®: Boosting Your Body's Natural Antioxidant Defenses

The biggest threat to the health and appearance of your skin is something known as free radicals, which are created naturally as a result of cellular metabolism, as well as by exposure to environmental factors like sunlight, pollution and chemical toxins. These highly unstable oxygen molecules wreak havoc if left unchecked, leading to cellular damage and accelerated aging. Your skin is where the earliest signs of free radical damage show up since it is especially vulnerable to oxidative stress.

Your body has a natural defense mechanism designed to protect healthy cells from free radicals, which involves producing the antioxidant SOD to stabilize free radical molecules. SOD is your body’s first line of defense against the most damaging free radicals that cause aging of the skin and body. But most of us could use antioxidant firepower to get the job done. That's where the Extramel® melon extract found in SkinGevity® comes into play, helping to significantly boost the body's natural production of SOD, while also containing nutrients and antioxidants that reduce the visible signs of skin aging. Extramel® is a proprietary extract derived from a rare species of melon grown in the southern region of France that has been clinically studied and shown to increase natural SOD production in the body. Researchers observed that these melons stay fresh longer than other melon varieties due to their high SOD content and through a unique process they harnessed this natural anti-aging mechanism to create Extramel®.
Along with biotin and vitamin C, Ceramosides™ and Extramel® make SkinGevity® the ultimate in nutritional support for your skin, hair and nails. It's an excellent complement to our MAX-Q10™ Natural Antioxidant Cream, NightFX™ Renewal Serum and our other external anti-aging skin care products.

Science-Based Ingredients for Superior Skin Protection

  • Ceramosides™ Wheat Seed Extract: This highly concentrated source of ceramides derived from wheat helps to restore the skin's natural lipid content by delivering ceramides, which are crucial to a youthful looking appearance, to the skin via the blood stream, resulting in more hydrated, smoother, more youthful looking skin. This all natural extract is non-GMO and vegan. 
  • Extramel® Melon Extract: This proprietary extract made from a rare species of melon grown in the southern region of France has been clinically studied and shown to increase natural SOD production in the body. SOD is the body’s first line of defense against the most damaging free radicals that cause aging of the skin and body.
  • Biotin: This water-soluble B vitamin is required for the proper metabolism of nutrients and aids in the production of essential fatty acids. It has a unique ability to support healthy skin and strong hair and nails.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C supports the building of collagen and elastin, the connective tissue proteins that keep skin firm and smooth. Vitamin C can also help the body absorb iron, which is needed for hair growth. The vitamin C in SkinGevity® is derived from a non-GMO source.

The Supplements That Science Created

Since our founding in 1995, our philosophy has been centered around a "show us the proof" approach. Every single active ingredient contained in our formulas is backed by strong clinical evidence supporting its anti-aging properties and total body wellness attributes. More importantly, we use the exact doses and exact brands used in the research studies. Read about the research behind the formula to see exactly why we have carefully selected each ingredient. At Stop Aging Now, our research team reviews over 2,000 clinical studies per year, and our writers report on over 500 of them. No other company stays on top of the latest science as thoroughly as we do. You are guaranteed a clinically proven and truly effective dietary supplement.

Quality You Can Trust

Equally important to potency and effectiveness, you get the reassuring comfort of Stop Aging Now's legendary quality. All of our premium products are made in a state-of-the art FDA inspected facility to meet the stringent standards of US Pharmacopeia (USP) for quality, purity, potency and disintegration. Most supplements are made to far lower standards. Additionally, and unfortunately, many companies keep their costs down by outsourcing production to third world countries where quality controls and regulations are virtually non-existent. Whether you take our premium products or those from another company, we strongly encourage to you to be sure to know where they are manufactured. Our manufacturing facilities are located in California, Illinois and Florida. We invite you to take a virtual tour of one of our facilities.

Our Customers' Success Stories Say It All!

Join the Stop Aging Now family! With over 5 million bottles sold, our success and growth is mostly due to word-of-mouth recommendations from our loyal customers. We highly recommend you read some of the hundreds of Testimonials we receive every year. By offering superior products, excellent customer service, free access to Certified Nutrition Experts and a 365-day "any reason" return policy, we keep our customers happy, order after order.

Note: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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